Neojoy USB Male Penis Pump


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Neojoy USB Male Penis Pump
Neojoy USB Male Penis Pump
Neojoy USB Male Penis Pump

Key Features

– Increase the size of your manhood and your stamina, with the Neojoy Penis Pump Range – A collection of 5 resistant pumps, proven to improve the lenght and girth of your penis.

– Made from solid ABS, this pump will last for long as you need it. Make sure you pay attention to the aspect of your penis, while using the pump, and check the graded cylinder constantly, to notice the improvements.

– The pump comes with 3 sleeves made from Silcone and skin-like TPE, meant to grip you and squeeze you enough to keep you hard for longer.

– This pump is USB Rechrgeable. Once you insert your full length in, press the power button once, for the lowest intensity., increasing it by pressing on the specific buttons. 4 Pump Modes available.

– 100% Discreet Shipping, Plain Packaging and Non-Descriptive Label

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Extra strenght extra length! The Neojoy Sexual Enhancer USB Pump is proven to increase your stamina and to help you obtain a harder and bigger penis after each use.

Created from solid ABS the Penis Pump from Neojoy is long-lasting and resistant offering you the best and healthiest way to increase the size of your manhood. Featuring 3 different sleeves (made from silicone or TPE) for a comfortable and easier insertion this pump is suitable for all penis sizes enhancing the erection.

Make sure the pump is charged before using it. Allow it to charge for 2.5h whenever the battery is empty. Add plenty of lube tot the opening of the pump pick the sleeve you prefer (2 sizes silicone sleeves and a pussy-shaped skin-like sleeve) insert your full length into the cylinder chamber and press the first power button. Featuring 5 suction intensities this pump allows you to check the growth of your penis with the clear graded cylinder and make sure you press the release button in case the suction becomes too strong and painful.

Avoid using this item more than 30 minutes daily and make sure you take breaks every 5 minutes to check and massage your penis before pumping again. Also please stop using the pump if you see any discolouring of the penis or if you feel any pain or discomfort. Don’t forget to clean it after every use using some warm soapy water or a special toy cleaner to ensure a longer resistance and a safer use.

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