Neojoy Triple-Oh


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Neojoy Triple-Oh
Neojoy Triple-Oh

Key Features

Stimulate your back door and test your rear limits with the Neojoy’s Triple OH balls.

Made from TPE, the jiggle balls are soft but firm at the same time, featuring a rounded shape for a quick insertion.

Waterproof and safe to be used with water-based lubricant, these balls will fill you up, massaging you internally.

With internal weights that jiggle inside you with every move you make – stimulate your anal walls for explosive orgasms.

Discreet Packaging. Our items are dispatched in plain bags, with no logos or product names attached. Full customer support available.

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3 levels of pleasure provided by the Triple-Oh anal beads from Neojoy – a triple beaded string designed to test your anal resistance.
Made from firm skin-safe materials (TPR) this anal toy features 3 round beads of 3.5cm diameter which allow you to open up so you can insert them one by one. Using some anal lubricant help your rear entry relax granting the access for the beaded string. Keep the balls inside your anus during intercourse and remove them once reaching the climax for an explosive orgasm.
Every ball contains a small weight inside which jiggles whenever you move sending small “eartquakes” into your anal walls. This tempting trio ends with a string allowing you to be in full control of the toy and to remove it effortlessly. Also please make sure you clean it after each use with some warm water and mild soap or a simple toy cleaner to ensure a longer and safer use of the Balls-Deep from Neojoy.Concerned about our delivery services? Our items come packed in thick jiffy padded envelopes wrapped in plain bags or packed in simple boxes with no logos product or company names on them. Neojoy is you secrets’ keeper!

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