Neojoy Kegel Star


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Neojoy Kegel Star
Neojoy Kegel Star

Key Features

Tighten up your vagina and increase your internal sensitivity for stronger orgasms with the Neojoy Kegel Star balls.

Made from Silicone, these jiggle balls are soft and smooth, with a velvety finish and skin-safe texture.

Waterproof and safe to be used with water-based lubricant, these balls will fill you up, massaging you internally.

With internal weights that jiggle inside you with every move you make – train your pelvic floor and get stimulated.

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Tighten your V-area increase your sensitivity and get stronger orgasms with the Kegel Star from Neojoy specially designed for the women who are looking for ways to improve their sexual life. These Geisha Balls are entirely made from Premium Silicone which makes them hypoallergenic skin-safe and phthalate-free. Plus they are smooth to the touch gentle with your skin odourless and latex-free. You can even use them in the shower for some quick pelvic floor training.
Simply add a few drops of water-based lubricant (if required) and insert both balls inside your vaginal opening. Squeeze the muscles around them to keep the balls in place and relax repeating the same pattern for as long as necessary. Since they are so small and discreet (4cm diameter) no one will actually know that you’re wearing them so you can enjoy their benefits all day long. Moreover they will jiggle inside you offering a knocking sensation and stimulating your pussy in the process.
Featuring a silicone finger loop these Ben Wa balls can be removed effortlessly and re-used when needed. However if you want to enjoy their benefits for longer make sure to clean them after each use with some warm water and a mild antibacterial soap.
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