Neojoy Jelly Tapered Prober


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Neojoy Jelly Tapered Prober
Neojoy Jelly Tapered Prober

Key Features

Expand your rear limits and get the most intense backdoor stimulation.

Made from PVC, this firm toy requires a generous amount of lube in order to help you stretch and take its generous diameter (3cm) in.

With a suction cup base, preventing it from travelling during anal play and making it strap-on compatible.

Waterproof, safe to be used outside the bedroom, for steamy showers or fun baths. With a tapered tip and a bulbous shaft, for an effortless insertion.

Discreet Packaging. Our items are dispatched in plain bags, with no logos or product names attached. Full customer support available.

Ready to slide into your rear entry this beautiful and tiny anal plug will fill you up helping your anus stretch as much as you want it to.

Designed for anal play lovers this innovative toy features a tapered tip meant to deeply stimulate your anal walls massaging all the areas it touches. The silky-smooth toy entirely made from PVC is smooth firm and comfy to use offering a generous diameter (3cm).

Suitable for anal training and designed for those who want to expand their rear entry this 14.5cm large anal plug features a suction cup base preventing it from travelling during play for an effortless extraction during climaxes. Just add a few drops of anal lube and slide inside your anus easily. You can even attach it to a harness if you’re a pegging lover.

Concerned about our delivery services? Our items come packed in thick jiffy padded envelopes wrapped in plain bags or packed in simple boxes with no logos product or company names on them. Neojoy is you secrets’ keeper!

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