Neojoy Inserta-balls


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Neojoy Inserta-balls
Neojoy Inserta-balls

Key Features

Tighten up your vagina with the Neojoy Inserta-Balls.

Made from TPE, the jiggle balls are soft but firm at the same time, featuring a rounded shape for a quick insertion.

Waterproof and safe to be used with water-based lubricant, these balls will fill you up, massaging you internally.

With internal weights that jiggle inside you with every move you make – train your pelvic floor and get stimulated.

Discreet Packaging. Our items are dispatched in plain bags, with no logos or product names attached. Full customer support available.

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Looking for a toy that will work your pelvic floor tightening your vaginal muscles? Neojoy brings you the Inserta-balls a set of twin Ben Wa balls designed for vaginal penetration.
There are so many benefits of using Geisha Balls – they are suitable for women who just gave birth and are looking for a way to get tight again. Plus these balls can help you achieve orgasms more intense and strong. Created from ABS each ball measures3.5cm letting you stretch and massaging your walls. Just add a few drops of water-based lube and slide them in keeping them inside for as long as you require. They jiggle and create a delicious motion inisde of you for explosive orgasms.
Control them and prevent them from slipping inside by making sure the string which connects them remains outside of your vagina. Pull the string during orgasms for an intensified sensation. Don’t forget to clean them well with warm soapy water.Concerned about our delivery services? Our items come packed in thick jiffy padded envelopes wrapped in plain bags or packed in simple boxes with no logos product or company names on them. Neojoy is you secrets’ keeper!”

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