Neojoy - Sex Doll

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This 3D large love doll offers you multiple ways to satisfy yourself: whether if you choose the vaginal or the anal penetration, both parts are intensely textured, for a powerful realistic experience. Made from Skin-Safe materials, this sex doll is soft, easy-squeezable and perfect to play with. With rounded breasts and butt cheeks that perfectly fit in the palm of your hands, this curvy and flexible toy will keep you satisfied for a long time. The Neojoy Sex Doll's size and weight (H: 16.5" W: 9.45" W 16.6 Ibs) turn this toy into your secret best friend, that you can easily store in your wardrobe and take "her" out to play whenever you fancy. Take good care of the Neojoy sex doll, washing "her" after every use.
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